Our Anchor in a World Adrift 7 Stats to Serve the King

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Every day when we wake up a new crisis or upheaval seems to be waiting for us. But with our anchor in Jesus, believers have the hope that we can thrive even on these stormy seas. Explore 7 stats that give a picture of this very tumultuous age in which we live but at the same time prepare you to strengthen your hope in Jesus and reach out in love to those who are hurting.


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A World on the Move

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These statistics have been expanded and explained in the book Our Anchor in a World Adrift by Jon Hirst and Marlene Legaspi-Munar. Check it out today!


Engage Through Prayer


Dear God, as we look around us and see all of the giant waves and the stormy seas of life, it is easy to lose faith in you. But you have promised to be our anchor and to give us the strength and the resources necessary to serve you in any setting. Please be our strong foundation and give us the courage to rest in your strength and reach out confidently to those struggling all around us.  Amen



Personal Reflection


Whether we turn on the television or walk down our street, the turmoil facing our world is evident. Our challenge is to see the violent waves of change in light of God’s Kingdom. He is coming and we know the outcome He has promised. So as you look at these 7 stats and try to get your head around the struggles facing our world today, be encouraged. How can you look at these stats in the security of your faith? What about these statistics will open up new avenues of ministry for you to reach out to the hurting across our world?


Engaging the Church 


As you look at the outreach priorities in your church for 2016, how are you addressing these 7 macro-level stats at your local level and within your missions reach? Are you as a congregation aware of these issues? Have you thought about their implications for your relevance and impact in your community and around the world? Take a moment to see how these 7 stats might guide your church on mission in 2016.


Organizational Application 

Every organization serving God today is dealing with the realities mentioned in this Missiographic. They are the backdrop to your ministry or maybe a defining element of your challenge. Are you telling the story in such a way that those you work with and those who support you see how your ministry fits into these uncertain times? How can information help guide decision making by your staff, ministry partners and donors? What insights could you share from these unsettling global shifts that will unlock new creative ideas for outreach to those who don’t know Jesus is their anchor?  

 Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at missiographics.com.


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