Singapore Unique Qualities for Great Commission Impact

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There are few places as unique as Singapore! It is a true city-state that has created a vibrant economy with expanding influence. But while most people talk about Singapore’s business success, vibrant quality of life and diversity in urban living, you may not have heard as much about its unique contribution to the Great Commission. Well, this is your chance to learn.

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A World on the Move

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Engage Through Prayer

Dear God, you have positioned each people group and country in unique ways. And with that positioning, you have asked for humble and responsive hearts. We pray for the Church in Singapore today and for their response to the Great Commission. May they be faithful with what you have entrusted them and may their efforts bear fruit for the Kingdom. May all those who seek to partner with them find opportunities to build long-lasting relationships that will result in even greater Kingdom impact. Amen


Personal Reflection

If you have never visited Singapore, it is hard to describe this amazing place. If you live there or have visited, then you know what we are talking about. In one city you have great wealth, diversity and mobility. There are very few places with so much dynamic activity and opportunity. Now imagine how Singapore might do missions. Reflect on Singapore’s unique setting, position and response to the Great Commission. Then ask yourself how you are participating in mission as someone living in Singapore, serving the Singapore Church as an outsider or working with Singaporeans around the world as you serve in mission. As you understand Singapore uniqueness, it will help you relate to the vibrant Church in Singapore more effectively.


Engaging the Church 

In a day of global church partnerships, understanding the uniqueness of the Church in a given country is helpful. If you are a Singaporean church, what are you doing with your unique positioning? Are you living up to the potential you have to be part of God’s Great Commission work? If you are a church outside of Singapore, what can you learn from the churches there? How are you partnering with Singaporean churches in your mission effort?


Organizational Application 

More and more ministry organizations need to be partnering with churches and individuals around the world. As you read more about the uniqueness of Singapore’s Church, how might you respond? What types of partnerships could you develop within Singapore or as an outsider trying to increase your Great Commission impact? How might the global business savvy, diversity and urban environment of Singapore help advance the cause you represent? What relationships are you fostering with other Singaporeans or as an outsider in Singapore that will bring about vibrant partnerships?

 Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at


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