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While great progress has been made in the fight to end the AIDS Epidemic globally, the Church should not be ready to call it a victory and move on. In today's Missiographic we look at the status of HIV/AIDS, key accomplishments in the fight against the disease and the work that is left to be done.


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Engaging through Prayer

Dear God, we pray that you will be with every person who is suffering from AIDS. Help them to know your love and receive your comfort. We pray that this love and comfort will come in part through the response of Your Church. Give us courage and persistence as a Global Church to continue addressing the issues behind AIDS and the impact it has on lives and families.  Amen


Personal Reflection

When is the last time you thought about the AIDS Crisis? Years ago it was one of the main issues that the global community was wrestling with. But is it on your radar anymore? Take a moment to celebrate some of the successes and then ask yourself how you might be a part of helping with the significant work that is left to do.   


Engaging the Church

While there are still many logistical and resource issues around tackling AIDS globally, many of the persistent issues relate to behavior and ignorance. The Church is in a strong position to address these underlying but crucial areas. How is your church dealing with some of the actions identified in the Missiographic related to the reduction of HIV/AIDS? What could you do in your church to see these activities furthered?


Organizational Application

When a crisis or disease wanes in people’s minds, so do the donations. So it is probably very difficult to raise money specifically for AIDS response. But your organization may be well positioned to help the local church deal with the ongoing "To Do" items mentioned in this Missiographic. How can you educate donors, staff and other constituents in the work that is still to be done? What current programs can AIDS response be built into in order to make it a viable part of your ongoing ministry efforts?



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