A Journey of Opportunity Following God's Direction in China

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China has experienced rapid change, and so has the church in China—now numbering over 100 million Christians!  How can we better partner with the church in China as to sustain growth and increase effective sending?  One way is listening to the needs and perspectives voiced by 1,200 Chinese church leaders in the China Gospel Research Alliance's 2016 survey.



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Engaging through Prayer

Dear God, thank you for the growth of the church in China! I pray that it will continue to grow in love, in spiritual maturity and in numbers. Enable believers to effectively transfer their faith to the next generation, which has seen so much change. Equip the church for effective serving and sending. Help overseas partners to listen and serve in humility and unity. Amen


Personal Reflection

How different is your world today than when you were young? The social, economic and spiritual landscape in China has changed dramatically. So has the church! Its growth has been tremendous—but the track ahead is still being laid! Pray that outreach-focused vision is sustained while a legacy of faith is nurtured.


Engaging the Church

At one time, many outside of China could only pray. Increasingly, churches have partnered meaningfully with the church in China. But needs are shifting and opportunities are diverse, making it essential for outsiders to listen well to our Chinese brothers and sisters so that we can serve in truly helpful ways. ChinaSource Quarterly is a helpful source.


Organizational Application

Several organizations have collaborated to listen to leaders inside and outside of China. This yields insight for decision making, while honoring those they seek to serve. How is your organization listening intentionally to those you are serving (or seeking to serve)? How are you acting on what you hear? Effective research is listening and learning for action! For a complimentary review of your research plan/instrument, write info(at)gmi.org




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The survey data represented in this infographic is copyrighted by the China Gospel Research Alliance and is used by permission. GMI is sharing this visualization as a Missiographic with permission. Anyone seeking rights to utilize this infographic must receive permission from the Alliance. For more information, please write info(at)chinasource.org.