Blossoming Korean Mission Movement

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The Korean mission movement is an amazing mission story of the past 40 years. For much of that time it has been well documented by the Korea Research Institute for Mission, and the picture is very clear. Praise God for it, and also pray for it as the growth has slowed down a great deal in recent years.



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Engaging through Prayer

Dear God, thank you for every Korean missionary who is serving today and every Korean mission sending organization. It is astonishing what you have done through the Korean church in the past generation, and what you are still doing. Please help all Korean missionaries as they adapt to new cultures, learn new languages and watch you bring people to yourself. May their sending churches remain faithful to you, especially the leaders, and may your name be honored through the Korean arm of your Body, the global Church. In the name of Jesus, the Lord of the mission, Amen.


Personal Reflection

Whenever you hear North Korea mentioned on the evening news, think of South Korea and the millions of Christians who would share the gospel in North Korea if they could. Currently it is harder for them than almost anyone else to communicate with North Korea or to travel there. Pray for the day when the doors will open and they can add North Korea to their list of mission destinations. Pray also for the persecuted church in North Korea, the result of a great revival movement in the 20th century that decades of vicious persecution have failed to wipe out.


Engaging the Church

The Korean church is strong in one aspect of missionary sending where many other missionary sending countries are weak—in prayer support of the workers. The movement would never have blossomed in Korea without this prayer life in every branch. Reflect on how God has answered Korean prayers, and consider how your church can inspire your people to devote themselves to prayer for God’s mission to be done.


Organizational Application

How has your organization benefitted from the blossoming of the Korean mission movement? How much interaction does your organization have with Korean organizations in your countries of ministry? How much of a Korean presence is there in your own organization? Is your organization at all biased for or against Koreans?




All data marked with * is from Statistics Korea, Nov. 2015


All other data is from the Korea Research Institute for Mission as cited in the graphic


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