Flourishing Teams

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Where are missionaries thriving and where are they struggling? How are a missionaries' organization supporting them well and where is there need for improvement? These are key questions. Explore some of the latest data and input from missionaries around the globe in the "Flourishing Teams" Missiographic.

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Engaging through Prayer

Dear God, I pray for the missionaries I know in my life and the agencies that are sending them. I pray these missionary teams working around the world would grow in effectiveness and depth of collaboration. Give me, in whatever role I serve, the strength and wisdom to lift up and support the missionaries you have put in my life. Amen


Personal Reflection

If you are a missionary, how does the latest data from Engage and other key sources relate with your experience on the field? Take some time to consider that and share it with your team as you strive to create a flourishing environment. If you support missionaries in various ways, what does this information teach you about the areas of health and struggle seen in missionaries today? What can you do to support them better and help them flourish in their service?


Engaging the Church

As you support missionaries and their projects globally, do you have a sense for these issues described in the Missiographic? Do you dig deep with your missionaries on how they are doing and whether they are flourishing? What could your church do to better support missionaries in areas where they are struggling? How can you specifically help them in work/life balance and soul-care? Do you have people dedicated to going deep with your missionaries in a way that will help them to flourish?


Organizational Application

It is easy to focus on the tactical and the strategic as it relates to the mission of our organizations and forget about what it takes to have a flourishing workforce. As you measure success organizationally, are you measuring the level that your staff is thriving and flourishing? If not it is unlikely you will reach your larger goals and honor God in the process. As you look at the areas where missionaries are healthy and areas where they are struggling, what new ideas does it give you on how you can help your global teams to flourish? What will you act on today?





Unless otherwise noted, results based on 2015 Engage Study of 1,771 active cross-cultural missionaries (mostly North American) from seven sending organizations.  Aggregate report soon to be published—check www.GMI.org/engage for information on Engage 2015.


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Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at missiographics.com.


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