Mobilizing New Harvesters

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new harvesters


While most of the Church is aware of the Great Commission, mobilizing people for mission is still a great challenge. With the insecurity in the world, changing funding models (causing a drop in funding for many) and challenges getting permissions to live in various countries, harvesters face great challenges. But in the midst of all of that, the Global Church is seeing an amazing answer to prayer with thousands of new missionaries being sent from everywhere to everywhere!

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NOTE: This Missiographic is the first in a series of 3 infographics on issues related to global mobilization developed for the Center for Mission Mobilization. The second and third in the series can be found here at Who Is My New Neighbor? and Ambassadors.

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Engaging through Prayer

Dear God, You challenged us to ask for harvesters and many around the world have been doing so faithfully in prayer. Thank you for responding to those prayers and for sending so many from new sending countries as well as continuing to send from those places that have already seen many mobilized. We pray that you would guard their hearts. Prepare them for service and help them to boldly challenge others from their countries to follow them into the harvest field.  Amen


Personal Reflection

Using the formula provided in this infographic, what percentage mobilized is your country? What are the implications of that for you and your ministry? Consider how God might be calling you to be part of seeing your countries’ mobilization potential fulfilled for the advancement of God's Kingdom.  


Engaging the Church

What has your church’s attitude been towards mobilization of the people in your congregation? Do you have a sense whether your congregation really understands the need to go and their responsibility? How are you helping them to own part of the solution towards seeing your country 100% mobilized for the Kingdom?


Organizational Application

As you seek to mobilize others for your organization or for a certain cause, what message are you sharing? Do you have an understanding of the global nature of the new harvest force? Are you thinking globally about raising up the workers for God’s mission? If so, which new harvest countries might be fruitful areas for you to recruit workers? As you do so, how is your organization thinking through the new cross-cultural work teams that will be created?





Estimate in Operation World 2010


Evangelical income is Gross National Income

(World Bank figures,

times the evangelical percentage of country population (Operation World 2010)


Future of the Global Church


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The representation of this data is copyrighted by the Center for Mission Mobilization (CMM) and the information within is used by permission. GMI is sharing this visualization as a Missiographic with permission. Anyone seeking rights to utilize this infographic must receive permission from CMM. Please visit the CMM website for more information at