The Christmas Proclamation

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Many Christmas carols lift up Jesus as King, and yet we rarely connect the birth of the King and the announcement of his Kingdom. Tighten that connection in your own mind by soaking in the message of this year’s Christmas graphic. May the simple truth of it thrill you, and may it be a Christmas blessing to everyone you forward it to.

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Hear the Christmas Message,
The Rescuer here

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Engaging through Prayer


Our Father in heaven, may your kingdom come. Thank you for sending the King who has dealt evil a staggering blow and released us from its grip. Thank you that we can look forward to the day when he will return in person to obliterate evil entirely. Thank you by the Spirit’s power, we participate in His victory over evil and bring His peace. Help us as we honor Him and lift Him up for all the world to see. Amen


Personal Reflection


Note the “You are here” circle on the graphic. We live in between the eras represented by the tree branches marked “Church and mission” and “Persecution.” These eras overlap just like branches of a pine tree. Do we look beyond our immediate location to recall the flow of a whole story that leads up to Christmas and flows out from it? That ancient and future story anchors us, giving tremendous strength to meet every challenge in the confidence of Christ.


Engaging the Church


How might your church use this graphic to “evangelize” (share the Christmas evangel)? Any non-profit use is permitted, so the sky is the limit. You may forward it electronically, project it during worship or a class, print it as a poster, print it on cards to pass out to friends and neighbors, talk about it with your children or grandchildren, show it to a Muslim or Hindu to explain Christmas, etc. Every living soul needs this message. How many can your church reach?


Organizational Application

Who in your organization should know about this graphic? Who is in a situation where it could be a tool that would help them start an evangelistic conversation around the proclamation that doomed evil? Who is working among people who have only ever thought of Jesus as a religious teacher, not a King who changed the course of history? How can you get this graphic to those people to encourage them in their sharing of Christ the King?




“The Rescuer” by Stan Nussbaum. 


The Bible from Genesis to Revelation (“The Rescuer” is a summary.)


Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at



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