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Online Publishing Platform Publish your own material on Mission InfoBank.

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Mission InfoBank, the collaborative online library hosted by GMI, provides an easy platform for publishing your international mission-related materials to a global audience.


Consider adding to the Library information about the places you have lived, worked, or traveled; about the languages you speak; and about the peoples you were born into or have worked with.


For instance, the Library welcomes:

  • Photos of peoples and places around the world
  • Data for the Database in spreadsheet and database files
  • Conference proceedings, audio and video recordings, photos, and reference materials
  • People profiles, field reports, theses, dissertations, articles and books
  • Hard-to-find and out-of-print items (scanned)
  • Maps, charts and graphics
  • Video and audio recordings
  • PowerPoint presentations

You can use the Upload feature on Mission InfoBank to easily share your mission information resources. 


Please contact Bill Dickson, bill(at) the Mission InfoBank manager, to discuss situations involving large collections of information, items that require scanning or other format conversion, or items which might be made available on a royalty basis.