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Who is eligible?

Anyone teaching a field research methods course and/or personally supervising students in field research at graduate or undergraduate level. If the supervision is in a non-formal setting such as a country director supervising one or more field workers, eligibility will be decided on a case by case basis.

What are the terms of use of the examination copy?

The copy is for the personal use of the requester for up to three months so they can determine whether to recommend the printed manual to their students. At the three-month mark, you will receive a notice reminding you to remove the copy from your computer. You need not do so if you have made this a required text for a course. In that case you may keep the electronic copy for personal use.

May individual worksheets be reproduced for my students to use?

Yes, and this may be done in print or electronically, but only during the 3-month evaluation period. 

May I forward a copy of the manual to colleagues in my department?

No. They need to request their own from us. We have made the download process easy, but we still need to keep control of circulation.


The file containing the manual is 7 MB. Contact the author if size is a problem.

Request Form

In order to provide you with an adequate amount of materials, let us know how many students you could recommend Breakthrough! to as a supplementary text (annually).
Please list the program (or programs) in which these students are enrolled (D. Min, etc)
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