Evaluation Services

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GMI is committed to providing evaluation services that are Kingdom-centered and outcomes-based. But our efforts go beyond GMI's offerings in custom services. Evaluation research is so critical to increasing the impact of your ministry, that we are developing resources, training and tools to help you in your own evaluation efforts:


1. Download the GMI White Paper: “Evaluation in International Ministry: Key Principles and Practical Tools.”


  If you would like to connect with the author of this paper about your journey in program evaluation, please contact GMI.
2. Download a Summary of the Kingdom values that gives added ministry value to GMI’s evaluation service and tools. If evaluation is to be Kingdom-centered it must be based on Kingdom values. GMI has invested significant time and work to better define the Kingdom values core to an evaluation project that aligns with God’s Kingdom. Download the GMI Evaluation Values Sheet 
3.  We have experience in third party evaluation services for large and small ministries. Our work spans evaluations for individual projects or programs through helping develop full measurement and evaluation systems for organizations to implement. Contact us for more information.



If your evaluation includes the need to produce results for both donors and field staff, take a moment to learn about GMI’s partnership with Calvin Edwards & Company. Through this unique partnership, you can do a one time research and produce results that will be tailored to your donors, executive team, board and field staff. Find out more