The services we provide

Online Surveys Listening to the voices you care about most.

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What are these?

The Internet enables you to gather and organize information from large or small audiences online, quickly and inexpensively, without geographic limitations.

Why would I need this?

  • Need feedback from constituents about their level of interest in a new idea?
  • Want to have donors or churches compare new communication or branding designs?
  • Need feedback on your website from prospective missionaries?
  • Want to foster discussion with colleagues in an environment where participants can be anonymous?

All of these and more are possible with online surveys and focus groups.

How do I do it?

Our online focus group facility is easy to use, even for those who don't often venture online.

  1. You contact us and tell us what you need.
  2. We can help you plan or execute any aspects of a group, from recruiting and programming to fieldwork, moderating, analysis and reporting.
  3. We build and maintain several international research panels (groups of individuals who meet certain criteria and agree to respond to occasional surveys) to facilitate inexpensive and rapid response to your questions and issues of concern related to international missions.
  4. We report the data to back to you.