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Stan's Mission R&D; Lab Missiological artist/inventor at work. Please come in (and you don't have to be quiet).

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Welcome to my lab. I've left the door open, hoping that some like-minded people will come on in and take a look at some of my experiments in progress. These all have something to do with new ways of making disciples, that is, helping non-disciples (whether they self-identify as "Christians" or not) to become disciples. 


Advice on the experiments is always welcome, especially if it will help me improve an experiment or show me that the whole experiment is unnecessary because someone else has already done the research and/or found a better way of approaching the whole issue.


One of my assured conclusions from mission research over the years is that there is an extreme shortage of willing test pilots in the world of mission. It seems that most people only want to be involved in "experiments" that are guaranteed to work, i.e., no experiments at all. Should you be one of the rare "test pilots," please let me know which experiment would interest you as a collaborator. 


I am also open to handing some of these experiments entirely over to other people. For each one I prune from my list, two more will grow.


As pages are added, you will see ideas in all stages of development--rough preliminary sketches, half-done work, completed projects, abandoned projects, and everything in between. The mission public is not very interested in anything but the completed projects; however, other experimenters may well enjoy a sneak peak at what is being worked on or dreamed of, plus an opportunity to help invent it.  


My basic assumption underlying all the experimental work is that Christian mission is a creative and experimental activity, and that the creative Lord of the mission wants us to do experiments and learn from them. Experimentation will not enable us to predict and manage everything but to recognize and marvel at some of the untapped potential he built into the gospel so it could connect with people of all cultures. After our experimental discoveries, we will not need the Master less; we will appreciate and honor him more. 


Stan Nussbaum

Staff Missiologist, GMI


Posted by Bruce Graham on
I love your three minute summary of the Biblical Story.
I also would love to see how your field research manual could be used by young people going to the field.
Posted by marita moolman on
Dear Stan
It almost feels that we've met already...........
I started to work with Willie in November last year. He talked about your work a bit and use your book: Breakthrough as a guide for implementing the training material here at Inserv. It's a treat to work through it!! Thank you for the insight into the work.
Kind regards&Blessings;
Posted by jeremy on
Hello Stan,

I am currently doing a small research project for a christian leadership program. It got me excited about interviewing and finding ways to get good feedback; an accurate assessment of its effectiveness.

I would like to find out about this research that you are doing, do share with me!

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