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Tools for Your Own Research "Breakthrough" research tools for on-field, on-the-job research

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Doing small-scale field research on your own ministry issues

What does the Lord want you to do differently or to do next in order to see more fruit in your ministry or service? What additional insight do you need into your situation in order to discern what he wants you to do?


The "Breakthrough" research process will help you tackle these questions prayerfully and productively. You have three options for putting Breakthrough tools to work for you. 

Do-it-yourself with the research manual

Breakthrough! Prayerful, Productive Field Research in Your Place of Ministry The unique and practical Breakthrough! manual integrates research and prayer, equipping first-time field researchers with entry level field research skills. People who never thought themselves capable of field research are often pleasantly surprised at what they can achieve when they have this jargon-free research tool in their hands. The 2nd edition (2011) streamlines the Breakthrough process based on the author's teaching experience in nine countries. 

Personal research coaching

Breakthrough Coaching is a 12-week email program in which the author of the manual personally walks a researcher through the whole research process. This involves 8-12 hours per week for the researcher. Assigned exercises are covered in two e-mail or Skype exchanges each week. The program may be done as independent study or as part of an academic program such as the MA in Organizational Leadership offered by Development Associates International in partnership with selected universities.
Seminar Typically a five-day seminar with a half-day of group sessions each day. Participants each design the research project they will carry out in their own situation in the following 3-6 months. (There is an option for receiving coaching by email or Skype during that entire period.) The group learning atmosphere in a seminar is helpful to many first-time researchers. This is usually done as part of a masters degree program (see above), but we are seeking to make it available on a non-formal basis, whether as an in-house activity for one organization or as an open seminar. Contact Stan Nussbaum to discuss attending or hosting such a seminar.