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FlightPlan What does the future hold for aviation ministries?

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GMI conducted the multi-year FlightPlan research project to document the status and explore the future of international Christian mission aviation ministry. Through a collaborative process of research, analysis, reflection and discussion, FlightPlan consisted of three phases:

Phase 1

Documented the status, dynamics and trends of the mission aviation environment.

Phase 2

Explored the perceptions, needs, challenges and opportunities in international mission aviation. This involved a series of one-on-one interviews, online surveys and online focus groups exploring key issues with various stakeholder groups (mission aviation service providers, trainers, users, donors, missiologists and strategists).

Phase 3

Assisted mission aviation stakeholders to envision, analyze and discuss possible and preferable futures for international mission aviation ministry. Stakeholders explored and evaluated seven models of future aviation ministry via online discussion and live focus groups, using ten criteria. The models were analyzed for relative strengths and weaknesses, assumptions, requirements and strategy implications.


The FlightPlan research team is deeply grateful for the many individuals and organizations who collaborated in producing the results of this study and who contributed their time, expertise and resources. The project would not have been possible without them.


Click here to download a brief summary of the FlightPlan research project and its findings (PDF file).

Click here to learn about the FlightPlan CD-ROM that resulted from the research project.