Serving God in a Migrant Crisis Ministry to People on the Move

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Serving God in a Migrant Crisis

Ministry to People on the Move


by Patrick Johnstone with Dean Merrill


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Some people are angry about today's global refugee crisis.


Other people are scared.

Pioneering missionary researcher Patrick Johnstone sees the blessings hidden away inside the largest human migration patterns in the history of our planet.

"It's a tragedy for people to be violently uprooted from lands that were in their families for generations, or for centuries," says Johnstone, author of Operation World.

"Meanwhile, it's an opportunity for Christians in the more developed world to change the world by practicing the virtue of hospitality."

"The world has literally come to our doorstep," says Johnstone. "Will we open the door?"

Unprecedented. Unstoppable.

More people are on the move today than ever before. Even more will be on the move tomorrow.

These are the factors that make people get up and go: War. Drought. Terrorism. Poverty. Failed states. Environmental catastrophes. Disease. Revolutions.

Johnstone says these factors will increase migration in coming decades. Even more people will be on the move.

Johnstone helps us understand why God loves refugees so much. He shows how some Christians around the world are serving refugees right now. And he challenges us to figure out what we can do in our own communities.

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