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Our Anchor in a World Adrift

Overloaded with INFO? Start with these 7 Stats.

Many of us want to serve God effectively, but donít know where to start. These 7 stats are your gateway to thinking about the world as you serve Him this year.

Thatís why GMI CEO Jon Hirst travels globally speaking on the key stats and trends that are reshaping our world and forever changing the way we will fulfill the Great Commission.

ďItís easy for us to miss important developments when thereís so much data flying at us,Ē says Hirst. ďI love helping people and organizations cut through the clutter and focus on the significant shifts that are re-making our world into a different place than it was yesterday.Ē

Hirst tackles seven things that are changing our world:

  • An unprecedented refugee crisis that has millions on the move
  • Economic instability, unemployment, and individual identity
  • Personal disconnection in our digitally connected world
  • Evolving sexual morality and definitions of family
  • Why the worldís biggest cities are growing more secular
  • Secularism and suicide, both of which are rising worldwide
  • The quest for a spiritual home

The classic hymn was right. ďThis is my Fatherís world.Ē But itís a different world today.

Find out whatís changing and what you can do about it in Our Anchor in a World Adrift: 7 Stats You Need to Know to Serve the King.

Dive into the free 7-day reading plan developed to complement this book.

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