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Beyond Time, Talent and Treasure

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This brief digital single is adapted from the book The Calling of the Knowledge Steward

Move Beyond What to Think

Christians are called to be good stewards of time, talents, and treasures. Jon Hirst also urges believers to steward knowledge, an abundant resource few of us handle well.

“There have been plenty of books and sermons telling Christians what to think,” says Hirst. “We need to explore how to think, and how to steward the knowledge we have to reach more people for Christ.”

“Knowledge stewards excel at something all of us were created to do,” says Hirst, “know and be known.”

Drawing on ancient spiritual disciplines and current best practices in business, Hirst issues an invitation and a challenge: “Christ is calling some of us to wade in where others fear to go, to master the mass of information, and to use it to address some of the important challenges we face.”

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