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Crossing Cultures with Ruth STUDY GUIDE for Christian Workers

"Your people shall be my people."

Crossing Cultures with Ruth balanced current mission research with ancient wisdom to show how an Old Testament heroine could be a role model for today’s Christian workers.

Now, see how you and your team can apply what you’ve learned from Ruth’s cross-cultural journey in this Study Guide that’s perfect for:

  • Personal development and journaling
  • Training and on-boarding new staff
  • Mission retreats and conferences
  • Discernment process for new candidates
  • Agencies and churches that send missionaries
  • Believers praying for the harvest.

Written with veteran mission mobilizer, strategist, and writer Marti Wade, Crossing Cultures with Ruth: Study Guide for Christian Workers provides you with detailed, practical guidance on the challenges you face in your work. This Study Guide will challenge you to:

  • Cross cultures wisely and boldly
  • Identify with those you serve
  • Remain effective on the field
  • Minister out of your own life experience

Combining biblical wisdom and insights from Fruitful Practice Research about mission effectiveness, this Study Guide will help you create a road map for your own journey of global service.

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