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Decision Makers: India

Ministry Decision Research: India ($49.99) (A special price of $9.99 available for Indian leaders – contact us for information.) GMI is living out its commitment to supporting Kingdom workers as they make Spirit-led decisions that advance the global Church. One of the ways we are supporting this cause is by engaging with ministry staff around the world to better understand how they are making decisions.
GMI’s Ministry Decision Research: India is our effort to highlight how Indian leaders are making decisions and what that means for the global Church in India. This research report will focus on:

  • Nine Influential Factors in Decision Making within the Indian Context
  • Three Profiles of Ministry Decision Makers in India
  • Ten Challenges that Leaders in India Identified as Critical to Ministry Effectiveness

Engaging with Indian Decision Makers – A Monograph for Western Leaders Desiring Insight into Ministry in India ($9.99)
If you are working in India from another country, especially from outside of an Asian context, understanding decision making in India is critical to your ability to be a blessing to the people and a helpful partner. This monograph written by mission researcher and writer Justin Long, responds to the GMI research and helps non-Indian Kingdom workers think through how they need to support their Indian partners as they make decisions about ministry in India and beyond. This concise and practical tool is designed to apply the research and provide practitioners and leaders with very simple and applicable next steps in supporting decision making within Indian ministry.

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