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Missionary Launch Calculator and Consultation


It takes a team to launch a missionary!

Mission leaders often wonder, “What is our full cost of recruiting, vetting, training, and placing a missionary? How can we best honor our investment in people?”

GMI’s Missionary Launch Calculator provides a step-by-step process for calculating the full costs of sending. Included with the $250 calculator is two hours of GMI consulting to help you interpret results and plan next steps for developing new field staff.

With this powerful tool you can gather the information you need to make informed, Spirit-guided decisions about:

  • Allocating staff time and mobilization resources;
  • Developing and retaining staff for a decade of service or more—to the time when they are most likely to see visible results of their work;
  • Communicating accurately with supporters and sending-church partners; and
  • Helping candidates understand the commitment they are making—and the many people who are making it with them.

Those purchasing the Launch Calculator in 2016 will also receive a copy of Thriving People: The Engage Survey 2015 Aggregate Report ($49.99 value).

For more information, please contact GMI Research Services at 719-531-3599 x591.

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