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Where There Was No Church and Where There is Now a Church

For any cross-cultural workers laboring in the Muslim world who are striving to better engage their communities or wanting to communicate to their donors and churches about the work happening in the Muslim world, this two-book bundle is an amazing resource. It blends powerful stories, practical insights and the well respected work done by Fruitful Practice Research.

Each story is a powerful example of God beginning and then continuing His work among Muslims and each story provides key insights into the fruitful practices that were at work in the narrative. So whether you are in a situation where there is no Church or where a Church is just now launching, you will find encouragement and hope.

Whether you are looking for a resource to use with your church planting team, a resource to use as a training tool for new missionaries or a resource to give to a donor/partner, this bundle is an excellent value and opportunity.

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