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frequently Asked Questions - Multiple Products

Q. Can I run my GMI software product from the hard disk so that I don't have to have my CD-ROM in the drive to use the product?

A. Yes, in general. Note, though, that your license is still for a single machine; if you wish to run the software on multiple machines, contact GMI for a multi-user license. A few older products (African Proverbs, Operation World Plus, 20:21 Library) require extensive editing of configuration files in order to run from the hard disk. Most newer products (and many CD-ROM products from other manufacturers) can be run from the hard disk by following the following general procedure:

If you are running Windows, following is a more Windows-specific set of instructions for copying a CD-ROM to your hard disk and then
running its setup program. If you are unfamiliar using Windows Explorer, you may wish to find someone locally who is familiar with it and show them these instructions:

1. Uninstall the software running from the CD-ROM using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

2. Right-click on My Computer (on Start menu in Windows XP, desktop in earlier versions) and choose explore.

3. Create and name an empty folder on your hard drive by selecting the disk you want in the left-hand pane, right-clicking an empty area of the right-hand pane, and selecting New, the Folder. Give the folder a name reflecting the product. With some CD-ROMs, you may have a better chance of success if the name you choose does not contain spaces or unusual characters.

4. Point at, or click once on (depending on your settings) the icon for your CD-ROM drive in the left hand panel of the explorer Window to display the files and folders on the CD. (If you click one too many times, the CD installer will run. If this happens, exit the installer, return to explorer, and click one less time).

5. Press Ctrl-A to select all of the files and folders.

6. Drag the selected files and folders to the empty folder you created in step 3. You may need to scroll the left pane to make the destination folder visible.

7. Open the new folder and double-click on setup.exe to re-install the software from the new location.

7a. Users of Operation World CD-ROM, WorldVue, Operation China, and Peoples of the Buddhist World who have had problems with installation may alternatively skip installation by the following procedure:

If neither obtaining local help nor the above instructions help, please contact GMI technical support for further assistance.