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Technical Support for GMI Software

Frequently Asked Questions affecting multiple products

Problems affecting multiple products

The following easily-solved problems affect a number of GMI products. They are generally caused by updates to Windows or other third-party software after the GMI products were released:

Product Specific Support

If a support page is available, please see if your problem is already addressed. Otherwise, please contact the product-specific email address or the general telephone number, fax or postal address listed for assistance. Please indicate the product, the product version number (typically on the CD-ROM face), and the exact error message or other problem you have encountered.

Product Web Support Email Support
20:21 Library CD #1 Support Page
20:21 Library CD #2 (GMMS) Support Page
African Proverbs CD Support Page
Atlas GIS  
Global Ministry Mapping System (all versions) Log in to GMMS Community and select "Help Resources"
Operation China CD
Operation World Products    
  Operation World CD-ROM (2001 edition) Support Page
(help by Sunrise Software)
  Operation World Plus CD (1993 edition) Support Page
  Electronic Operation World (diskette-based)  
PeoplesFile CD   Email for PeoplesFile Support
Peoples of the Buddhist World Support Page
Wisdom of African Proverbs Support Page
Mission Handbook on Disk  
(The) World of Islam CD Support Page
WorldVue CD Support Page

Other means of contacting GMI Technical Support:

    • Fax: +1-719-548-7459
    • Telephone: +1-719-531-3599
    • Postal Mail :
      Technical Support
      Global Mapping International
      15435 Gleneagle Drive, Suite 100
      Colorado Springs CO 80921