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The A.R.T. course is designed and led by "Coach" Stan Nussbaum, D.Th., Mission Trainer and Consultant with Global Mapping International. During the year 2000 the course is open only to persons recruited by the "assistant coaches" Dr. Nussbaum is training in selected mission organizations.

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Course Objective

Each (trainee) will design and carry out one small-scale field research project that has direct application to Christian mission strategy and/or problem-solving in his/her situation. The process includes identifying and promoting some practical results of the research.

Intended Trainees

Note: Preference will be given to applicants who are best placed to become trainers themselves, passing the "Applied Research" methods on to others.

Outline of Weekly Topics and Assignments

Part 1: Selecting and defining a focus for research

Part 2: Developing a strategy and a questionnaire

Part 3: Field research

Part 4: Conclusions and follow-through

Entrance Requirements

Course Work Requirements

  1. The work load averages 12 to 15 hours per week for people who read English easily and type well. The work may take 20 hours or more in other cases.
  2. The trainee will do one assignment per week, based on a short reading and an instruction sheet. Each assignment builds directly on the previous one, so it is impossible to skip or delay any assignment.
  3. Assignments are sent out for three weeks at a time. The assignments are divided into weekly lessons.
  4. The trainee sends a completed assignment on Tuesday or Wednesday. The "coach" replies on Wednesday or Thursday. The trainee makes corrections by Friday, and the "coach" makes final comments on Friday.
  5. Each trainee is required to read the exercises of one other trainee and the coach's comments on them.
  6. The trainee is strongly encouraged not to schedule travel, conferences, major projects, vacation, etc.during any of the working weeks of A.R.T.

Final Requirements

  1. An "application" document which summarizes the findings and spells out the implications for the intended audience (may be a popular brochure or article, a report to a committee, an action plan for an individual or team, or other agreed document; need not be in English). The trainee's mission or organization must verify that the document has real potential for impact on the target group.
  2. An academically respectable research report in English of about five pages acceptable to the Coach.



This is non-formal education leading only to the "Applied Research Certificate" offered independently by Global Mapping International. The certificate is not accredited at this experimental stage. However, the skills and knowledge gained are exactly what is needed as the basis for a masters or doctoral research program based on field research. The "Coach" has supervised mission research at the doctoral level for the University of Birmingham, England, and assisted with doctoral exams for the University of Edinburgh. Some seminaries and colleges may give credit for this course under their "independent study" program; check with your institution about that possibility. The total number of student working hours will be approximately 160.

Application Process

During the year 2000 only people invited by Dr. Nussbaum or his "assistant coaches" may apply.

  1. Request an application form by e-mail from or download one from the GMI web site:
  2. E-mail the application to <> or fax to (719) 548-7459 and send the application fee by snail mail or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).

Option of Two Trainees Working on One Project

Unlike nearly all academic programs, the Applied Research Certificate can be jointly earned by two people working together. As with a Nobel Prize, it may be impossible to tell which of the pair of recipients contributed how much to the process, but it is clear that the joint effort is a success. Details and fee information available on request.

Coaches Wanted

If you are teaching a course similar to this or think you might want to learn how to become a coach for this course, please make yourself known to us at <>. Briefly state the nature of your interest and describe any relevant experience or credentials you hold. We are especially interested in finding people who would offer ART as an in-house training service to missionaries in their own agency.

Click here to go to the Application Forms for the Applied Research Training Course by E-Mail.

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