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Breakthrough! Workshops

Also see: an email course in field research for mission practitioners.

For those who prefer a group learning experience to independent study, four-day Breakthrough! workshops are being offered worldwide in partnership with several agencies. Participants design their projects around their own ministry issues using the first six of the ten Breakthrough! steps. After the workshop they return to their ordinary places of ministry to complete steps seven to ten (field research, write-up, and follow-through).

Locations under active consideration for workshops between October 2007 and April 2008 are Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oxford, Nairobi, Chiang Mai, Singapore and Melbourne. Dates and registration details will be posted here as they become available. If you want to receive an e-mail notice with registration information about one or more workshops, write to and state which location(s) you are interested in. If you want to help host one of the workshops or suggest an alternate location, contact Stan Nussbaum (

Workshops are limited to 10 projects in order to allow for a lot of personal feedback from the workshop leader on the design of each one. Each project may be done by one person or a pair, so there may be 10-20 participants. To encourage projects to be done by pairs, the tuition is charged per project, not per person. Two may study for the price of one if they team up on a single project.

The tuition fee is $400 per project (whether one or two researchers). Room and board is additional and varies with the location. Participants arrive the night before the workshop begins.

Participants may request personal coaching by e-mail and/or Skype after the workshop. The fee is an additional $300, and the coaching service covers the last half of the Breakthrough! course, that is, the part which is only previewed during the workshop. (See details on taking the complete e-mail course without doing the workshop).


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