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Mission Statement

Through training and consulting we enable people to find and apply information that will make them more effective in the work Jesus has called them to do. This often includes the use of GMI products but is not restricted to them.

Major Areas of Training Activity

1. Technical seminars, workshops, etc., whether run by us or by others with us fitting in. This can mean anything from a 45-minute workshop at a convention to a full 3-4 day seminar on the use of the 20:21 Library and/or the Global Ministry Mapping System. For the longer seminars, we encourage trainees to have a specific mapping or other project which they want to do during the training. Our experience teaches us that the value of our training is undermined unless what has been learned is quickly carried through to meet a specific local need. Click here to read about recent technical training seminars. Click here to read about 1999 training seminars.

2. Applied Research Training (A.R.T.) Course, an e-mail course being offered September through December 1998. Each trainee will learn to design and carry out small-scale field research projects that have direct appliction to Christian mission strategy and/or problem-solving. The process includes identifying and promoting some practical results of the research. Click here to read more about the Applied Research Training Course.

3. Contextualization training for theological educators. An experimental two-week “Contextualization Training Seminar” trains faculty to set up small-scale field research as a class project in one of their current courses in order to affect the way that course will be taught from then on. This training is similar to the "Applied Research Training" available by e-mail (see above). To read about the seminar held in Nairobi, click here.

4. Visiting Trainee Program for hosting people at GMI for 2-4 weeks to work on a mission research and/or mapping project of theirs with supervision available. Recent visiting trainees have been from Tanzania, Thailand, Singapore, Nairobi and the USA. Click here to read more about GMI's Visiting Trainee Program.

5. Apprentice and Intern Program, a stepping stone to mission service for a select few college or seminary students or graduates or people in mid-career transition who would join GMI staff either as summer interns or for a two-year period as apprentices full or part time. Click here to read more about the Apprentice and Intern Program.

6. Site visits, consulting, making ourselves available (usually piggy-backed on a trip for #1 above). This usually is done as follow-up personal contacts with people and organizations who attend a seminar. The areas of consulting expertise (software training, computer hardware help, advice about purchases, e-mail, mapping, bibliographical help, classroom use for mission studies, etc.) varies widely with the trainer(s) making any particular trip.

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