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Training Resources in
Mission Research and Information Technology


GMMS Mapping Workshops and Seminars, anything from a 45-minute demo to a seminar at a convention to a full five-day hands-on workshop on the Global Ministry Mapping System. For the longer workshops, we ask trainees to have a specific mapping project which they want to do during the training.

Breakthrough! Field Research Course, coaching in how to design and carry out a small-scale field research project focused on your own ministry situation, asking God to give you breakthrough insights on a practical problem or opportunity. The Breakthrough! course material is available in three formats. Read more about the self-study manual, the personal coaching by e-mail, or the four-day workshops.

Visiting Trainee Program, hosting individuals at GMI for 1-4 weeks to work on a mission research and/or mapping project of theirs with supervision available. Trainees come from numerous countries, such as Cameroon, Tanzania, Thailand, Singapore, Kenya, India, and the USA.

Apprentice and Intern Program, a steppingstone to mission service for a select few college or seminary students or graduates or people in mid-career transition who would join GMI staff either as short-term interns or for a two-year period as apprentices full or part time. Click here to read more about the Apprentice and Intern Program.