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To provide a stepping-stone to mission service for a select few college or seminary students or graduates or people in mid-career transition who would join GMI staff for a two-year period as apprentices full or part time.


GMI is uniquely positioned at the intersection of certain needs of widely different groups.

  1. Mission organizations need more people with the kinds of technical, research and communication skills that GMI has and could teach.
  2. College and seminary students are looking for ways they can serve and get experience (and maybe credit) in the summer. Graduates often need some experience beyond the classroom before they go overseas.
  3. Colleges and seminaries are open to new partnerships which create opportunities for their students and thus strengthen their programs; GMI can offer them something unique.
  4. Mid-career people in business or military may be open to mission service but unable to make the leap all at once, especially if it means two years of support raising and/or classroom work before they get to DO anything.
  5. GMI is short-staffed at the middle-level in all parts of our organization; we could achieve significantly more if we had some good apprentices around to help.
  6. GMI would benefit from its personal connections with apprentices who went on to serve with other missions. For example, they might serve at a GMI associate site or assist with GMI product development. Some might become long-term members of GMI staff, though that is not the main purpose of the program.


  1. We recruit the cream of the crop, both in terms of their commitment and their service potential. GMI may opt to leave a spot vacant rather than accept an unsuitable candidate. We recruit in terms of specific projects in our pipeline, such as "Listen First, Speak Later," Peoples CD, Islam CD, etc.
  2. An apprentice serves for two years, one year on general duties and the second year with a major project for which he/she is largely responsible. The major project could be at a GMI associate site or it might be a partnership project between GMI and the mission which the apprentice intends to work for after completing the apprenticeship. (While at GMI, an apprentice might also have a part-time position in a church to get ministry experience.)
  3. Each has his/her own supervisor/mentor who is a full-time GMI staff member.
  4. Each is provided with appropriate office space and computer equipment.
  5. Some general mission reading is required; the amount and kind of reading will vary widely.
  6. The apprentice moves through levels of probation at two months, six months, one year and two years. The apprenticeship can be terminated or placed on a conditional basis at any of these times.
  7. Each apprentice will make at least one US trip and one overseas trip during the two years.

Positions Available:

Computer Cartography

Reporting to Loren Muehlius <[email protected]>

Job Description for Mapping Apprentice

Computer Systems & Network Support

Reporting to Mark Patterson <[email protected]>

Job Description for Computer Systems & Network Support (General)

Other Possible Apprenticeships/Internships

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