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Visiting Trainee Program

An opportunity for “on the job” training with GMI

For whom is the program designed?

Primarily for people who live and work in the 2/3 World and who have either a specific project they want to complete using a GMI product or a specific group of people they want to train to use a GMI product. For example:

What training is provided?

GMI will take you through these steps:

What are the costs?

Does the trainee need a laptop computer?

No, but it may help (if the laptop is of sufficient power to handle the trainee’s proposed project). GMI usually has only one computer available for visiting trainees, though we have shared office space for two or three trainees. If you bring your own computer, there is a better chance that GMI can accommodate you at the time of your choice.

How does the selection process work?

An application form is available in print, on the World Wide Web, or via e-mail from GMI will carefully review your application and communicate back with you. It is likely that GMI may have to turn down more applicants than we have room to accept. Please pray with us that we have the Spirit’s guidance as we make the difficult choices. Click here to go to the Application Form for the Visiting Trainee Program.

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