GMI's Transition: Advancing Knowledge Stewardship

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Continuing the GMI Mission:
Knowledge Stewardship Grants


You and your organization have a unique opportunity. Through a GMI Knowledge Stewardship Grant, you can enhance your organization’s mission while helping to continue GMI’s mission. Likely you already know that GMI recently announced its closure effective June 30, 2017.  Even so, GMI’s mission must move forward. As that mission continues, all that God has done over the past three decades through many faithful and gifted GMI servants will be honored as well.


GMI’s passion has always been for the global mission community to practice Knowledge Stewardship, or the Spirit-led process of acquiring and insightfully using information for God’s glory and according to His purpose. True to that passion, GMI sees its organizational closure more as a reconfiguration of ministry in the Body of Christ than a termination of an independent unit. In that spirit, your organization can incorporate and even enhance GMI’s mission through what we are calling “Knowledge Stewardship Grants.”


Here is how the application process for the grants will work:

  1. GMI has gone through its extensive Intellectual Property archive and created natural groupings or “suites” of content and programs.
  2. Click here for a list of those groupings-suites, with short descriptions and pertinent details.
  3. Ministries involved in global mission can apply to receive the resources below as grants towards their ongoing use in support of the mission community. Only registered nonprofits can apply for grants. These are not open to individuals.
    • Note 1: If the nonprofit is a foreign (non-U.S.) entity, they must provide a US-based registered non-profit sponsor who will take ownership of the content on their behalf.
    • Note 2: There are no financial transactions involved in the application for or granting of these resources.
  4. The application window will be open April 25 – May 15. During that window, discussion between an applicant and GMI may take place to foster understanding of how the applicant could most effectively use the inherited resource.
  5. Also to foster understanding of GMI’s mission of knowledge stewardship, every applicant will receive a free digital copy of GMI’s The Calling of the Knowledge Steward.
  6. The main criteria for evaluating applications will be (1) how the suite of resources fits with the organization’s overall mission and (2) how the organization intends on stewarding the resource(s), both internally and especially externally for Kingdom impact.
  7. Once the application window is closed, by May 15th, GMI’s staff and board will evaluate the applications and, for each set of resources, select an organization that will be awarded the Intellectual Property to steward it for global mission.
    • Note 1: GMI reserves the right to select the application it feels will most effectively advance the cause of Knowledge Stewardship. All decisions are final.
    • Note 2: Once an applicant has been selected has received the awarded intellectual property, the recipient must be timely and available to receive training and instruction for the effective transition of the resource within no more than 20 days of selection.
  8. GMI will then announce all the recipients and encourage others in the mission community to support their practices of knowledge stewardship.

Please pray with us that the Spirit will continue to lead mission organizations’ acquisition and insightful use of information for God’s glory and according to His purpose. If you missed the embedded link above, click here to read more about the practice of Knowledge Stewardship.


Once you consider the list of resources, click here to apply to receive one or more of these suites through a Knowledge Stewardship Grant. We look forward to receiving your application April 25 – May 15. 



Click here for an application form to receive one or more of these suites through a Knowledge Stewardship Grant. We look forward to receiving your application April 25 – May 15.

Click here to view all the grant suites you can apply for.