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Missiographics Service and Suite

Infographic Archive, Online monthly production/custom work, Missiographics 1 & Missiographics 2 Books, Devotionals, Videos, Visual Quotes

For 5 years, GMI has produced over 50 infographics as part of our Missiographics Service. This suite comes with the full library (minus several that were custom infographics), the website content, two published books with analysis from the infographics, five devotionals, 3 videos along with social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. The Missiographics Service platform presents both a topical and promotional infographic during the month reaching subscribers and followers on social media. Additionally, the strong community following has encouraged interest by ministries, organizations and networks to seek custom infographic services for their own internal and community needs.


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Missionary Mobilization and Retention Suite

Searching to Serve, Help Your Missionaries Thrive, Missionary Launch Calculator

Over the years, GMI has done research on how to retain and develop missionaries, how to best use the Internet to mobilize missionaries and how to understand the costs of missionary recruitment. These tools provide insight into what makes effective mobilization and retention. 


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Breakthrough Mentoring

Breakthrough Mentoring Suite

Breakthrough, SearchLite, Fellowship Program

GMI has developed a reputation for Spirit-led research methodologies designed to be used cross-culturally to encourage research by practitioners and practical action by their organizations. This suite provides: 1) a careful, multi-step application process for selection of research fellows; 2) structure and curriculum for two-month and one-year research fellowships (includes 200-page research manual); 3) a successful method of funding via crowd-sourcing. This program comes with a few fellowships already underway and at various stages of development, including some funds already raised toward finalizing those projects.


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7 stats 

Stats Suite

Our Anchor in a World Adrift (including powerpoint slides and the devotional); Seeing Your World; Global Briefing, Know & Go

GMI has worked to provide creative and relevant approaches to demographic and social statistics with an effort to apply them to the Great Commission effort. This suite includes several of those resources developed over the last 5 years. 


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Decision Time 

India Decision Suite

GMI Ministry Decision Research: India, Engaging with Indian Decision MakersDecision Time Book/Study Guide, Historic India Maps

Over 33 years, GMI has invested a significant amount of time in researching the growth of Christianity in India. This suite includes the many maps we have done of India as well as our GMI Ministry Decision research on India; along with the leadership book and study guide we produced.


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GMI Webinar Archive

10 Webinars on various research and data subjects

GMI has strived to bring research content to ministries through relevant and regular webinars. 10 of those webinar archives in the form of videos and powerpoints are included in this suite. 


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Historic Map Library

Historic Maps

Maps GMI has produced over time. These include the first status of global Evangelization map (1996), Cities at Night, maps on WorldVue CD.


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10/40 Window Maps

Maps of the 10/40 Window showing statistical data related to countries in the Window. Most of these maps are focused on countries that are geographically 50% or more inside the 10/40 Window though some will show the Pray through the Window countries where the spiritual neediness of the country is taken into account. Data from 2001-2016.


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Peoples and Religions Map Suite

Islam Maps, Religion maps, Health maps, Social maps, World Factbook maps, China maps, Regions of the world, Africa maps, world maps of data


Maps showing religion and social data of countries of the world. Included also are maps showing the countries in different continents. Years of data from 2010 to 2016.


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