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December 13, 2004

Dear Mission Agency Personnel Director:

Future missionaries - the really sharp ones - do their homework. They talk to people, go to conferences and, more than ever, use the Internet to discover and evaluate opportunities.

What happens when they visit yours?

We invite you to find out by ordering the Agency Web Review Report, a new study by GMI Research Services. Discover how the emerging generation of missionaries uses the web to investigate opportunities - and what they think about agency web sites - including yours.

In Fall 2004, more than 450 prospective missionaries responded to an invitation to find out how they use the web - and what they think of the web sites of 36 prominent mission agencies.

The study report shows how future missionaries see agency web sites, and includes statistical models that reveal what influences site appeal, intent to revisit, intent to recommend and intent to pursue opportunities with an agency.

Whatever the status of your web site, you can benefit. If you have invested recently in your site, you can see how your efforts align with key measures. If you plan to upgrade your site, you will gain valuable information for planning and prioritizing.

Click here to read all about the Agency Web Review project (brochure in pdf format).

Click here to read the newsletter article "Mystery shoppers hit mission websites".

This critical information is available at a price far below commercial research rates.

Please place your order soon! To order, contact me by email ([email protected]) or telephone (1-800-569-6312 ext. 591).

Your web site is a powerful tool for engaging new missionaries. Make sure that it works for you!

Yours with joy!

Jim McGee
Mission Research Specialist

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