What future missionaries are reading

A few months ago we did a survey with prospective missionaries and asked about what they are reading.  Along with a lot of David Platt and John Piper, we noted the following titles (write-in responses from a total of about 160 respondents):

A Gleam of Light  by Ila Marie Davis

Thriving in Cross Cultural Ministry by Carissa Alma

Why Jesus Crossed the Road by Bruce Main

Cross-Cultural Connections by Duane Elmer

Daws: A Man Who Trusted God by Betty Skinner

Do What Jesus Did by Robby Dawkins

Dreams and Visions by Tom Doyle

Engaging Islam by Georges Houssney

Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle by Kent Annan

Go and Do by Don Everts

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor

Kingdom Matrix by Jeff Christopherson

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

Many Colors by Song Cha Rah

Real Life by James Choung

Students of the Word by John Stott

The Mark of a Christian by Francis Schaeffer

The New Friars by Scott Bessenecker

To Repair the World by Paul Farmer

We’d like to respectfully add a title to the list. Crossing Cultures with Ruth by James Nelson is the first book GMI has produced specifically for those considering cross-cultural service. While accessing research is one of the “Fruitful Practices” for effective mission, not every new missionary has a bent for data and reports.  So we have weaved lessons from a decade of research into a Bible study.  The result offers memory hooks that connect current research with the timeless biblical narrative of Ruth, a cross-cultural servant.

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