Preparing for a Busy Day

A day can slip away so quickly. Two meetings in the morning, a lunch appointment, a few hours working on a project and the work day is done. Then throw in dinner, a quick project around the house and some time with family or friends and you are ready to fall into bed.

The decisions you make that fill up your days are important ones. They define what you accomplish and what you push to the side. They also highlight your priorities.

How do you make those small decisions? What criteria do you use in allocating your time? Have you ever thought about the values that rest underneath those decisions?

Take some time to ask God to guide your daily time management decision-making and see how that impacts the way you spend your days.

My 1000th Tweet

I was attending the CLA luncheon here in Colorado Springs today and sharing some of the quotes from one of the members of the crisis team who provided leadership during the Waldo Canyon Fire, Jerri Marr. When I looked up from the ideas I was sharing I saw that one of her quotes was my 1000th tweet.

And I thought to myself, that is worth commemorating. So this blog is that opportunity. The quote was “The first and last task of a leader is to keep hope alive.”

What a powerful idea. You as a leader are tasked with keeping hope alive in those that you are leading. How are you doing at this important task? Any examples to share?