Celebrating His Righteousness and Faithfulness

The LORD is righteous in all his ways
and faithful in all he does.
Psalm 145:17

Throughout the Christmas Season, I have been referencing this verse from Psalm 145. It jumped out at me in early December because of its simplicity and significance. In my final blog for the year on this Christmas Eve, I thought I would share why I feel this verse is so significant at the celebration of Christ’s birth.

First, the act of God sending his Son to earth to redeem what had been lost is an amazing act of righteousness. On Christmas God is seeking to make the world right - to bring justice. He is bringing His Kingdom forward for the good of all Creation.

Second, God’s continued pursing of his Creation is an incredible act of faithfulness. In all the messiness, darkness and betrayal that God has seen from His Creation, He has not given up on us. Instead He devised a perfect plan to redeem us that brings all honor and glory to God as our Savior and at the same time honors and equips His Creation to be a part of the new Kingdom. What faithfulness!

These two words - righteousness and faithfulness - are powerful lenses from which to view Christmas. What verse has God given you this Christmas to bring the Gift He gave to life?

How will Technology Impact Mission? Get the Inside Scoop…

Recently I attended a very special event in Silicon Valley designed to equip ministry leaders with insight into new technology and how it can be leveraged for ministry. Here is a storify that showcases much of the great content and notes from the event.

Look for some of the very good content on Tech Ed and trends in technology. However, the speaker that most impacted me was Joshua Banko, the credited creator of the iPad. His talk on “Innovating with God” was an amazing blend of spiritual inspiration and practical insight. Be on the look-out for some of his insights below.

The Source of our Power

@JonHirstGMI: “Power is the ability to make something of the world.” @ahc // #dataispower - how will we use info to bless!

I’m starting to read Andy Crouches’ latest book on power - Playing God. He starts off by recognizing that many of us see power as negative and coercive and then begins to share that his book will focus on the redemption of power in God’s story. I look forward to that journey. But for now, I would like to focus some time on the definition he provided and that I put at the top of this post as a tweet I shared.

As we consider the role of power in the world of mission, this definition is intriguing. We as missional workers are focused on impacting the world in ways that match what we see as God’s Kingdom. Each of us feel that God has called us to bring change to different areas of a fallen world. And as we act on these passions we are utilizing the power that we have at our disposal to see the change made into a reality.

One of the realities of this process is that, no matter how good our intentions, we end up using power not granted to us by God but instead by this world’s sources of influence. We take God’s mission and our power supply and get to work - usually with less than satisfactory results.

So it would seem to me that the very first question that Kingdom workers need to ask after receiving their direction from God is the power source they plan to use. I have been reading in 2nd Chronicles about king Asa of Judah. In Chapter 14, when he is up against an army much bigger than his own, he calls out to God. “Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, Lord our God, for we rely on you…” His prayer is answered in both victory and in the words of Azariah when he returns, “The Lord is with you when you are with him.”

I am processing this about my own role with GMI. As you think about your role in leadership, do you know where your power comes from?

Sharing key ideas from the Global Church Forum

I was so blessed to be a part of the program at the Global Church Forum hosted at Park Community Church in Chicago. The focus of the event was understanding how we can engage in Egypt. As we put together our presentations and engaged with attendees from the Middle East and from ministries serving globally, there were some great takeaways. Many of them were captured in the storify story below. If you want to get a quick curation of the conference and what we talked about related to ministry in Egypt and overall sustainability, read on!