10 Reasons to Purchase the Missiographics 1.0 book

You have mostly been used to receiving Missiographics in your email or via social media. But there is something different about interacting with the ideas from the infographics in print form. GMI has assembled some of the best recent infographics into a full-color book along with analysis from seasoned mission researcher – Justin Long. This collection of infographics and analysis give you a new way to process all the powerful insights.

And if that weren’t enough of a reason to order your copy today, here are 10 other reasons we think you should consider purchasing Missiographics 1.0. (www.bit.ly/missiobook)

  1. At your next coffee shop meeting, you can pull out the book to share a key idea rather than having to worry about making the Missiographic big enough on the screen.
  2. Life is busy and you might not have really taken the time to engage with each Missiographic the way you wanted to. This book gives you the chance to go back through some of the key ones and read a bit more about the topic.
  3. It’s always great to have a new coffee table book to engage your houseguests with. Why not encourage them to think about global mission!
  4. 4.     If you work in a ministry role, the Missiographics 1.0 book is a great gift to give to financial supporters and prayer warriors.
  5. Are you teaching a small group, Sunday School class or other Bible study? Use this book as a supplement to what you are studying as a way to help your class get the big picture.
  6. If you have children or teenagers at home, this book will help you engage young people in mission in a more visual way that keeps their attention.
  7. By purchasing this book you are supporting the Missiographics effort and helping GMI to continue producing these powerful visual tools.
  8. While you know about the issue addressed in the Missiographic, Justin Long’s analysis will help you build a better understanding and a clearer perspective.
  9. Each of these Missiographics represents an issue that requires decisions on your part.
  10. By having the book, you can introduce new people to Missiographics!