Your Mission Starts with #ThrivingPeople


Exuberant, flourishing missionaries can have such an incredible impact on the Kingdom, if they stay in the mission field. Our survey provides your mission organization with the ability to reach into the hearts of your staff and find out if they are truly thriving.

All of us here at GMI are very excited about the launch of our latest project. It is a Field Missionary-Friendly employee survey called Engage.

We teamed up with Best Christian Workplaces to create this customized assessment to help agencies understand their global staff and make Spirit-led decisions to help them thrive. You may remember us doing this survey almost a decade ago, but it is revamped and even better this time around.

“The Engage Study is the best way to measure the health of those on your front line and strategically focus your resources to improve their effectiveness. The return on your investment in Engage could be significant.  Best Christian Workplaces Institute is thrilled to join with GMI to serve leaders supporting those ministering on the front lines,” said Al Lopus, Best Christian Workplaces Institute president. (GMI Press Release)

We launch the survey fully later this week at the Missio Nexus Conference.


As the latest Casting Crowns song, “Thrive,” goes, “We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives. It’s time for us to more than just survive. We were made to thrive!” This is not only true in our everyday lives, but also in the mission field.

We, as brothers and sisters in Christ, all desire to see the unreached people of the world hear the great news of the Gospel and for peoples of all different origins and countries become disciples of Jesus. But this can only be achieved with effective missionaries that are empowered by the Holy Spirit, and thriving people is where it starts.

What does thriving people mean to you and your mission agency? This is the tagline of our campaign and we want to hear what you think thriving people equals. With fun photo contests on social media and at the Missio Nexus Conference, we are trying to raise awareness about the idea of thriving people.

What difference do thriving people make? You know the answer but what are you doing about it? Will you Engage with your missionaries and learn from what they have to say? Your mission depends on it!


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