ECPA CEO Summit: Media Consumption

By Jon Hirst with Randy Rosso

I’m excited to be speaking at the ECPA CEO Summit in Orlando today. ECPA, The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, holds several different leadership events throughout the year. The CEO Summit “presents the only opportunity within Christian publishing where C-suite executives — from large to small houses — can engage at a meaningful level with the information and data relevant to their unique roles in leading the industry.”

Today, I will speaking about understanding the global church and the implications for Christian publishers as they try and engage with readers around the world. I will also be focusing on some research studies on media consumption around the world and how that can be used to our advantage as believers.

One way to get a gauge on the media consumption is to study how much time people from various countries spend using different avenues of media. To be more specific, how much time are people watching TV, listening to the radio, reading books, or going online?

The answer can be found from the World Culture Score Index, which details the average number of hours a week people in different countries spend using different types of media. The graph below visualizes the results of key countries and then the Global average as well for each category.

This is fascinating and powerful insight into how different cultures consume content. It is key as believers that we understand these types of trends so that we can effectively reach people in different countries with the Gospel.

Are you using the right media to reach your audience?


For the full statistics, visit PR Newswire.