So Much Data . . . So Little Discernment

Our world is awash with data. Everywhere we go we get stats, opinions, summaries and endless raw information. We are not lacking data. But what we are lacking is the space and ability to discern valuable Kingdom truths from all that information.

How do you move from data to discernment? What strategies, tools or disciplines are you employing in this effort? My guess is that most people reading this blog post have this as a high value but haven’t figured out how to make it a reality. I understand . . . I struggle with the exact same thing.

That is why I have always been so excited about the work of GMI. Here is a group that takes mountains of data, helps leaders around the world ask the right questions and then presents that information in ways that allow leaders to take action in advancing the Kingdom!

Now more than ever this effort is critical to the efforts of global missions. Whether a leader is sitting in New Delhi, Bankok or Buenos Aires, they need actionable information with Kingdom insights that empowers them to respond to the Holy Spirit and carry their efforts forward.

My goal with this blog will be to explore innovations in mission information, new resources available to leaders around the globe and share about GMI’s journey to come alongside Kingdom leaders in their efforts to share God’s love with this waiting world. I look forward to your comments and interactions and I pray that God will use this space to bless you in your ministry efforts.

  • Dean Carlson

    Jon, Congratulations on your appointment as president of a great organization! GMI is held in high respect by your friends at OC International. We’re blessed to collaborate with GMI and utilize GMI resources on many of our teams around the world. It’s a joy to partner with you and your team toward the discipling of nations!

    Dean Carlson - OC VP Global Ministries

    • Jon Hirst

      Dean, thank you for your kind words and it is wonderful to share such a strong partnership between GMI and OC. I look forward to meeting you soon and getting to know you and OC’s heart for ministry.

  • Chad Causey

    Jon, so happy for you and Mindy. I have wanted us to work closer with GMI for a long time and I think now is the time to do it. Ill be in Colorado this weekend so ill be thinking about you. Congratulations my friend, Chad Causey OneHope.

    • Jon Hirst

      Chad, great to hear from you friend and thanks for your note. I hope all is well. I would love to spend some time with you and dream about how we could work together. Plus I would love to hear an update on your family and what God is doing in your life and ministry. Looking forward to connecting.

  • Loida Ortiz

    Jon, I’m so happy with this achievement. Many blessings for you, your family and ministry. I would like to meet when will possible. Loida Ortiz, United Bible Societies (I hope you remember me).

    • Jon Hirst

      Loida, thanks for your kind note. I remember you well and would love to connect with you about your role at UBS and the challenges and opportunities you face. I will let you know when I am coming through Florida and please let me know about any travel you might have where we could connect.

  • Dave Davis

    Jon - Congratulations on your new appointment. May God bless your and GMI socks off as you move forward. We are glad for you and for GMI.

  • Wayne Pederson

    Jon I’ve been using a lot of the Patrick Johnstone data lately in some of my speaking. I’d love to grab lunch sometime soon to catch up and discuss how we might move forward together.

  • Chris Maynard

    Jon, Congratulations on your appointment. I will be hoping to meet you when I next come to Colorado Springs. If you don’t know who I am ask Bill D. My work relies (gladly) on the work of GMI and OW, and I have been praying for GMI much over the last few months. I guess you won’t want me to stop now that now :-) .

  • G. Brian Jones, Ph.D.

    Congrats Jon:

    I know we’ve never met in person, but I sure enjoyed phone conversations
    and email exchanges with you. What an abundant answer to prayer! Thrive in your
    new professional role. I can only imagine the joyful squeals from your parents
    when they received news of your blessing! They sure are dedicated to you!


    Brian Jones, Ph.D.

  • Steve and Marlene Estes

    Dear Jon, Greetings from Argentina. We can’t believe it has taken us two months to congratulate you on your appointment with GMI. That is quite an honor! Many years ago we attended the same church in Pasadena, CA as Mike O’Rear and just recently heard that he had passed away. Blessings on you. You have made your “aunt” and “uncle” very proud. Steve and Marlene Estes