The Source of our Power

@JonHirstGMI: “Power is the ability to make something of the world.” @ahc // #dataispower - how will we use info to bless!

I’m starting to read Andy Crouches’ latest book on power - Playing God. He starts off by recognizing that many of us see power as negative and coercive and then begins to share that his book will focus on the redemption of power in God’s story. I look forward to that journey. But for now, I would like to focus some time on the definition he provided and that I put at the top of this post as a tweet I shared.

As we consider the role of power in the world of mission, this definition is intriguing. We as missional workers are focused on impacting the world in ways that match what we see as God’s Kingdom. Each of us feel that God has called us to bring change to different areas of a fallen world. And as we act on these passions we are utilizing the power that we have at our disposal to see the change made into a reality.

One of the realities of this process is that, no matter how good our intentions, we end up using power not granted to us by God but instead by this world’s sources of influence. We take God’s mission and our power supply and get to work - usually with less than satisfactory results.

So it would seem to me that the very first question that Kingdom workers need to ask after receiving their direction from God is the power source they plan to use. I have been reading in 2nd Chronicles about king Asa of Judah. In Chapter 14, when he is up against an army much bigger than his own, he calls out to God. “Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, Lord our God, for we rely on you…” His prayer is answered in both victory and in the words of Azariah when he returns, “The Lord is with you when you are with him.”

I am processing this about my own role with GMI. As you think about your role in leadership, do you know where your power comes from?

What does this Quote Have to do with Missions?

“Stay where you are. Find your own Calcutta. Find the sick, the suffering and the lonely right there where you are.” ~ Mother Teresa

Some might here this quote and say, “Why was Mother Teresa discouraging people from addressing the great poverty in places like India?” That is a good question. Many people came to seek her out and get the experience of serving the poor in Calcutta along with her.

But let me ask you this question, “If I’m not willing and actively serving the poor in my home town, then what right do I have to serve them anywhere else?” This isn’t to say we should not have cross-cultural missionaries. But I am saying that when we go, it must be out of an authentic calling that has permeated every part of our lives.

If I am not willing to serve the sick or the poor in Des Moines, Iowa, then why would God as me to do so in Calcutta?

Where are you today? Where do you feel God wants you to serve? Don’t wait till your big opportunity to serve in some large or recognized way. Start serving today, where you are and then let God lead you to the mission field as you grow in your passion for the cause he has put on your heart.