Stewardship of Field Leaders: Foundational practices for mission organizations

In our work with mission leaders, a common concern is that too few team, country or area leaders are available to meet the requests for help.  They ask, “Has anyone found a way to sustain a leaders’ reserve for the unexpected opportunities?”

What we have learned is that current practices in most mission organizations are inadequate.  Selecting gifted leaders without giving effective onboarding, oversight and development is a recipe for high attrition and limited effectiveness.

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Field Leader – Roles and Responsibilities

Using a mind mapping approach, the IMPACT Team facilitated multiple, structured dialogues with mission leader groups to identify the real life challenges for field leaders.  The conversations resulted in the four dimensions, which describe both roles and responsibilities of field leaders. While, many job descriptions would not include all of the areas that are addressed in the four dimensions, we believe they are necessary to understand the complexity of the team, country and area/region leader positions.

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