God’s Relentless Pursuit of Us in Love by Jim Feiker

Note: It was local Kenyan wisdom to pay special attention to the last words of a wise and Godly man.  Well, Jim Feiker fits both descriptors.  Jim was in communication with his Lord until the very end and this article points to that growing edge.  Thanks Bev for your work of love in completing the final edit.  Read and be refreshed by this reality.  Ken

 “Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life”                                 (Psalm 23:6a, The Message)

 In the past, I have often written on our pursuit and passion for God and our longing for intimacy with Him.  Now I want to correct an imbalance I have found in my life Continue reading

Spiritual Resilience III: Prayer

No one will argue that prayer is central to our spiritual health.  We even create helpful acrostics to assist us such as ACTS.  We talk a lot about its importance, but find the discipline of doing it more difficult.

Recently, I came across a short article by Gordon McDonald on how a prayer affects him.  The prayer highlighted one of the ACTS categories, but in a new practical, redemptive mode.  It was a new angle that probably was stimulated by his restoration journey.  It reminded me of Christ’s prayer and it’s affect on Him in the Garden.  It also reminded me of the many challenges a field leader faces Continue reading

Spiritual Resilience – Part II

On April 20, 2012 we wrote a post on “Spiritual Resilience: A key foundation for effective field leaders.”   We got two replies on how individuals sustain their own spiritual health.  Thanks, but we need a lot more interaction on this topic.

Let me add into the mix an interview from Leadership Journal with Peter Scazzero, pastor of the New Life Fellowship in New York City.   While you might not agree with all of Peter’s points, I think you will find the interview called “Emotional Stability” rich enough to stimulate your thinking.  And the church has also come up with 12 “Rules of Life” for the pastoral staff.

Read and think about the demands of being a field leader.  Give us comments on your reaction to the material.  More importantly, share your ideas on your own practical “rules of life” (principles) that you want to live by.  Blessings as you serve.

Spiritual Resilience: A key foundation for effective field leaders

Field leaders, like all of us in ministry, have their ups and downs in their intimacy with Christ and their sense of God’s pleasure.  Even Paul felt the result of ministry pressure in Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea and Athens as he began his time in Corinth in Acts 18.

The downs can come from personal/family tragedy or illness.  They can come from a feeling of personal failure, or tension/conflict among missionaries under their oversight.  They can come from chronic socio/political turmoil.  They can even come from organizational changes and perspectives.  Or they can come from the growing fatigue of doing spiritual battle.  They can also come from a sense of not using one’s God-given gifts.

One thing is certain: the field leader job is a “pressure cooker” role.  Continue reading