Coaching: What really motivates people?

Coaching is a growing trend within mission organizations.  Coaching is not only a good practice for missionary care staff, consultants or external coaches.  It is also a needed competence for all mission leaders, including team, country and area/regional leaders (e.g. field leaders).

Coaching has obvious benefits in working with missionaries.  It is also an effective tool in the oversight and development of field leaders.  It is also an essential tool for the onboarding of new field leaders

Here are some questions about coaching impact: Continue reading

Onboarding: An Introduction

In this blog we take the general concepts of onboarding and apply them to the roles of team, country, and area/regional leaders within mission organizations.

1.     What is onboarding?
Onboarding is an intentional process to help new field leaders become quickly effective in the basics in their new roles.  It is a practical process to help a new field leader get “on board” in the new role promptly.  For a general introduction to onboarding in the business world, read Workforce Management Online, April 2011.

2.     Why is it needed?
The need for onboarding of new field leaders is imperative for at least two reasons, as discovered in IMPACT research of 277 field leaders.*  Continue reading