Onboarding: Needed for all Field Leader

Do you view onboarding as a necessary practice for first-time leaders of your teams, countries and areas?  If you are committed to the above perspective, that is a great beginning, but you are in a minority of mission leaders.  (If you are unfamiliar with onboarding, familiarize yourself with an introduction to the idea in the Feb. 15, 2012 post.)

The harsh reality is that most field leaders do not receive training or help regardless of whether they are first- time field leaders or promoted from another leadership capacity on the field.  Only 30% of field leaders, Continue reading

Onboarding: What is the driving thrust?

Helping another person move into a new position is often thought of as primarily a training function.  If we can only get the new person to have the right knowledge, they can get on with the job.   Thus, orientation programs in most organizations are times to give input on organizational policies/procedures and a few basic skills.

While effective onboarding will use training and input, that effort is only the beginning.  Continue reading