Selection* of Field Leaders, Part II (*Second Stewardship Practice)

As discussed in Part I, understanding current realities surrounding a vacated field leader position is a critical first step for this second stewardship practice.  Often this preparatory phase is omitted and a person is selected for the field leader position on old or inaccurate understandings, thus putting the new field leader Continue reading

Selection* of Field Leaders, Part I (*Second Stewardship Practice)

People stewardship requires much wisdom in its selection of team, country or regional leaders, the second stewardship practice.  The following three areas are of critical importance: understanding the specific contexts of a vacated leader role; recruiting individuals whose DNA, skills and values match the role; and finally, selecting the gifted and committed person who best suits the vacated role.  And while completing these tasks, do not forget to consistently practice your spiritual disciplines, remembering Continue reading