Coaching: What really motivates people?

Coaching is a growing trend within mission organizations.  Coaching is not only a good practice for missionary care staff, consultants or external coaches.  It is also a needed competence for all mission leaders, including team, country and area/regional leaders (e.g. field leaders).

Coaching has obvious benefits in working with missionaries.  It is also an effective tool in the oversight and development of field leaders.  It is also an essential tool for the onboarding of new field leaders

Here are some questions about coaching impact:

  • How do the basic motivational needs of your field leaders and missionaries impact your coaching practice?
  • How can coaching support the organizational mission in the daily lives of your missionaries and field leaders?
  • How can coaching connect their passion and sense of call with their ministry effectiveness?

Are you curious?  A webinar that I attended last week (Coaching Redefined: A new look at what really motivates employees) speaks to these and other questions from a business perspective.  The content will require adaptation to your organization, yet it offers some superb practical ideas that can release a person’s internal motivation.  This is great news for leaders having stewardship responsibilities of individuals who are intrinsically motivated to fulfill their sense of a personal call by God.

The webinar is built on the basic research used in the books: Drive by Daniel Pink and Intrinsic Motivation by Ken Thomas.  I was drawn into a reflective time in the Scriptures after listening to the webinar and reading the texts; perhaps you will experience the same.

The webinar is free at Additional resources are located on the site: several white papers and a coaching-style quiz.  The webinar also provides supplementary input on practical processes which can enhance the coach-missionary dialogue.  A paper built on the intrinsic motivation work of Ken Thomas for field leaders’ role is available from

What is your perspective?  What are some key points?   What are your key questions?  Share them in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Coaching: What really motivates people?

  1. I had to download a codec - in order to watch the webinar.

    The webinar is primarily about how to motivate your employees in the role of a manager, and does not address the questions of how “pure” coaching contributes to intrinsic motivation. It really does not define coaching or why these management strategies would be considered coaching. Another article that looks at management more from a professional coach’s perspective answers the question - Can I be a Coach and a Manager at the Same Time? It can be found here:

    FYI, Dan Pink’s Ted Talk on Intrinsic Motivation ( is an excellent (and very entertaining) presentation on why external motivation does not work.

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