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Welcome to impactfieldleader blog.
This blog offers a place for global learning.  We want it to promote new understandings that results in the health and growth of mission field leaders, professionally and personally. Our goal is that field-based leaders will be well-connected, authentically cared for and intentionally nurtured so that they can be increasingly healthy, and always moving toward a Christ-like character and effective service.
IMPACT Partnership was started in 2006 between Jim Feiker (Barnabas International) and Ken Harder (Global Mapping International).  They added Scott Shaum (Barnabas) and Vicki Gascho (GEM) to the research team.  In 2011 Steve Hoke (CRM) and Melissa Black (REAH) joined a task group to explore the value of applying the onboaring concepts to field leaders.
Purpose of IMPACT:
IMPACT’s desire was to identify issues that surround the holistic health and effectiveness of field leaders in missions.  IMPACT partnered with mission organizations to identify these issues through web-based surveys.
Research of Field Leaders:
IMPACT worked with seven mission organizations.  80% of the field leaders responded to a 10 question survey.  The organization-specific research results allowed each mission organization to identify issues theat could address to become better stewards of their support, supervision and development of their field leaders.

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