Stewardship of Missionaries

A key role of a field leader is to be a steward of those for whom he/she has oversight.   It is a demanding role that requires the learning of new perspectives, competencies and attitudes.  There are very few, or none, who are naturals for this set of responsibilities.

Managing Those Called - April 11, 2011

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God’s Relentless Pursuit of Us in Love by Jim Feiker

Note: It was local Kenyan wisdom to pay special attention to the last words of a wise and Godly man.  Well, Jim Feiker fits both descriptors.  Jim was in communication with his Lord until the very end and this article points to that growing edge.  Thanks Bev for your work of love in completing the final edit.  Read and be refreshed by this reality.  Ken

 “Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life”                                 (Psalm 23:6a, The Message)

 In the past, I have often written on our pursuit and passion for God and our longing for intimacy with Him.  Now I want to correct an imbalance I have found in my life Continue reading

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