“SEND International has in the past 18 months navigated a set of major transitions in terms of our focus and structure.  The IMPACT survey came at a great time for us, in effect taking the organizational temperature of our ministry leaders.  It provided real data indicating what is important for our leaders, where we are doing well and where we have gaps in service and support.  Our field leaders are critical if we are to deliver on our mission.  The IMPACT survey not only identified organizational strengths and weaknesses related to our leaders, but also provided practical ideas by which to positively impact their effectiveness.”

Warren Janzen, International Director, SEND International – IMPACT 2009

“Without the findings of the IMPACT Survey, we may have missed some of our organization’s greatest leadership challenges.  We are now able to target critical priorities that will empower our field leaders as we work to see the Kingdom of God expanding through all peoples of Europe to the world.”

Henry Deneen, President, Greater Europe Mission – IMPACT 2009

 “As a global movement we partnered with IMPACT in a survey of 60 of our field leaders.   The field survey results were a huge wake-up call.  We recognized that we needed to make significant changes.  It has now transformed the way we work with our leaders in the field.    I believe we will have greater long-term effectiveness when to full apply what we have learned about the care and development of our people.          Wayne Pederson, President, HCJB – IMPACT 2009

 “The recent Impact Project which included Christian and Missionary Alliance international workers was enlightening and helpful as we seek to improve our member care, leadership development, and assessment of our workers and their ministries. This research on field leaders was a strategic investment for us as we consider the development of future leaders and fields.”
Gary M. Benedict. President, The Christian and Missionary Alliance U.S. – IMPACT 2009

 “The IMPACT leadership survey has been a valuable tool in the support and development of our leaders.  In addition to affirming things that we felt were true about our leaders, it revealed two major areas in which we were blind.  As a result of the IMPACT survey, we have taken intentional steps to better support our leaders in the areas of team conflicts and the care of their soul.  Doing this has resulted in stronger and more stable leaders, who in turn are doing a better job of leading and shepherding their missionary teams.”
Greg Gripentrog, President, OC International – IMPACT 2007

“I am convinced that there is no harder place to lead a team than in the cross-cultural environment.  In addition, the changing 21st Century realities demand more leaders who can effectively juggle the competing needs of physical safety, strategic unity, team dynamics and the health of the individual.   I am praying that the findings from IMPACT will significantly affect the way each mission organization builds capacity by focusing on the realities facing leaders in missions today.”
Steve Sweatman, President and CEO, Missionary Training International

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